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What is Counselling?

It's a time for you. Somewhere you can feel free to talk and be listened to whilst we explore your issue. I do not judge, I will possibly challenge your thought process and through this, you will experience the clarity of thought. It may seem strange, but saying things out loud to some-one you don't know, helps.

Who can it help?

Counselling can help most people, provided they are prepared to explore what's on their mind.

Do I need it?

I've had clients say to me that 'everyone needs counselling'. If you have tried to work through something and it's still going around in your head, maybe it's keeping you awake - then yes, counselling will help.

Still not sure?

Give it a go! Some people who come to counselling are still not sure about it and are amazed that over time they are feeling better. Sometimes the work may be challenging but I am here to support you through it. Where you go within the sessions, I will follow, to support and help you through your process.

What Benefits can be Expected?

Clarity of thought.

Counselling can be like untangling a ball of wool with several threads protruding, wriggling about. Gently the thread is pulled, explored and then released from the ball and the ball gets smaller and all the threads become free.
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