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What is Counselling?

It is a confidential talking relationship built between you and me which enables change to happen. You can talk freely and safely in a supportive environment. I will listen to you, be empathic, non-judgmental as you start your journey. Counselling therapy can bring changes to your life!

Who can it help?

Counselling can help almost anyone. Sometimes you may have a problem that you can't identify, or you are unable to work out a resolution to a specific problem, or you may be aware that "something" isn't right but you don't know what. You may have suffered a bereavement and you feel that you "ought" to be over it by now but it still feels as fresh today as when the loss occurred. Maybe you suffer from anxiety, sleepless nights, or panic attacks? Counselling can help all of the above and more, counselling will be your time and space to clarify your thoughts, feelings and choices.

Do I need it?

Do things you used to be able to ignore now make you angry, frustrated?
Do you find that you don't want to socialise, can't be bothered, feel lethargic?
Do you cry over all sorts of things, or have you noticed that you do not feeling anything at all?
Do you feel confused, lost and alone?
Maybe you try to hide your anxiety/panic attacks?
If you recognise any of these, you may benefit from coming to counselling as talking to a friendly, non-judgmental counsellor will enable you to make changes/progress.

Still not sure?

Give it a go! Some people who come to counselling are still not sure about it and are amazed that over time they are feeling better. Sometimes the work may be challenging but I am here to support you through it. Where you go within the sessions, I will follow, to support and help you through your process.

What Benefits can be Expected?

From my own experience I felt peace of mind, a sense of freedom, relief and clarification. I also felt lighter.

Counselling can be like untangling a ball of wool with several threads protruding, wriggling about. Gently the thread is pulled, explored and then released from the ball and slowly the ball gets smaller and all the threads become free.
Helen-Jane 2003

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